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Have you worked on your fuelling in the past but it still not quiet right?

You think your fuelling just needs some tweaking?


A strategy session is ideal for you, it will focus on:

  • Refining your current daily nutrition

  • Identify gaps in your fuelling

  • Refine your strategies for that seamless result

Our Strategy Sessions will focus on:

  1. Identifying your knowledge and current fuelling practices

  2. Set achievable and targeted goals

  3. Zoom in on key strategies to reach your goals

You will leave your session with a clear plan of action, strategies and resources to support implementation in hand.

Allocate 60 minutes | $ 190

Ongoing sessions are ideal to help you fine tune your fuelling to ensure you are on track with hitting your performance goals. We identify barriers and alternative options so those barriers are not longer a limiting factor for you. Any changes to meal plans are included in the fee. These sessions are gold for support and accountability and are what makes the difference between trying and achieving. 

Allocate 30-40 minutes | $ 120-145


Want a detailed, training specific meal plan? A plan that guides you and shows you how to fuel your training? We can absolutely do that. If this is your first appointment with me and you would like a detailed meal plan, this is the pack for you. It includes:

  • Initial 60 minutes strategy session to zoom in on you, your health, your training and your fuelling needs

  • Meal plan designed specifically for you, with your fuelling needs and training program in mind outside of consult hours

  • Follow up 30 minutes plan presentation session 1week later. This session is key so you fully understand the what, when, how much and in particular the why to empower you to implement your nutrition plan. 

All inclusive Power Pack price $ 335 

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