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Are you ready to take your sports performance to the next level? 
Power hour or 1:1 coaching?
Find out what will get you the results you want in the shortest time

1:1 coaching ... where the real magic happens

Achieving peak athletic performance is all about smart nutrition. Your body needs the right fuel to stay healthy during intense training, adapt and become stronger, and ultimately excel in your chosen sport.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a top tier competitor, fuelling your body with intention and strategy is the key to maximising your training efforts. Proper nutrition helps in several important ways:

Keeps you healthy + feeling your best

Because you are a person before an athlete

Reduce risk of injury or illness

Because being side lined is not helpful or fun

Optimises training results

Allowing you to worker smarter, not harder

Sharpen mental function

For optimum, sharp decision making

Efficient training

 Saving you time

Elevates sports performance

To take you to the next level

You know your fuelling is letting you down if you are:

  • Consistently tired and fatigued

  • Are often injured or sick

  • Unable to perform all your scheduled training sessions

  • Struggle to focus during the day or in training

  • Not seeing the results you would expect from your training

  • Experience mood swings, depression or anxiety, low libido

After years of consulting with athletes at all levels of competition, we've gained valuable insights. We know that training schedules can be fluid and fuelling changes need to adapt. We know that 4-6 weeks between touch points is just too long. Based on what we've learned, we've crafted a personalised coaching program that prioritises achieving specific outcomes by providing step by step support and accountability. 


Our one-on-one coaching is all about identifying the strategies that will help you reach your goals efficiently and in a way that truly matters to you. 

Our high touch individual coaching focuses on finding the frameworks that support you in achieving your goals in a way that is streamlined and meaningful for you. By working with us you will be able to:

Make informed, evidence-based food choices that are in line with their goals

Establish frameworks that effortlessly support your fuelling

Have the know how and tools to support their training with the most appropriate nutrition


Elevate your energy levels through adequate and strategically timed nutrition

Advance your performance gains through more effective training

Know how to cut through the nutrition misinformation to focus on effective strategies

Master your own everyday, training and race day nutrition

What does 1:1 coaching involve? It means we take the time to work together on empowering you to make smart, strategic fuelling choices. It is not a content heavy, sit in front of countless webinars program. It is a high contact, tailored coaching program that fits with you, your lifestyle and your goals.


Our aim is to coach you in becoming your own expert in sports nutrition.

This is for you if:

  • You are an endurance athlete

  • You train with a purpose (all levels welcome)

  • You are seeking an edge on the competition

  • You want to see improved results in competition

  • Are chasing that next PB

  • Want to become your own fuelling expert

  • Want strategy and focus in your fuelling

Following our frameworks our athletes have:

  • Improved their race times in triathlon, IM, trail running, cycling and mountain biking

  • Resolved gastrointestinal symptoms that were holding their training back and went from barely able to train to performing high intensity training with ease

  • Gone from struggling across the line to finishing strong

  • Reduced recovery times for more consistent and impactful training

  • Train their gut to tolerate fuelling whilst racing

  • Identified effective, easy to implement racing fuelling strategies ?tailored to them

Think this for you?  


Have worked on your fuelling in the past but it still not quiet right? Think your fuelling just needs some tweaking? Book in for a power hour to:

  • Fine tune your current daily nutrition

  • Identify gaps in your fuelling

  • Refine your strategies for that seamless result

  • Design and event specific fuelling plan (race plan including carbo loading as needed)

Our power hour will focus on:

  1. Identifying your knowledge and current fuelling practices

  2. Set achievable and targeted goals

  3. Zoom in on key strategies to reach your goals

You will leave your session with a clear plan of action, strategies and resources to support implementation in hand.

Allocate 60 minutes | $ 190

We use follow up power sessions to fine tune your fuelling to ensure you are on track with hitting your performance goals. We identify barriers and alternative options so those barriers are not longer a limiting factor for you. Any changes to meal plans are included in the fee. 

Allocate 30-40 minutes | $ 120-145


Want a detailed, training specific meal plan? A plan that guides you and shows you how to fuel your training? We can absolutely do that. If this is your first appointment with me and you would like a detailed meal plan, this is the pack for you. It includes:

  • Initial 60 minutes appointment to really zoom in on you, your health, your training and your fuelling needs

  • Meal plan designed specifically for you, with your fuelling needs and training program in mind

  • Follow up 30 minutes appointment 1 week later to go through the plan so you fully understand the what, when, how much and in particular the why to help you understand the basic principals of fuelling training. 

All inclusive Power Pack price $ 335 

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