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Poke Bowls

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Base ideas:

Sushi rice, cold; Brown rice, cold; Wild rice, cold; Quinoa, cold; Soba Noodles, warm; Rice Noodles; Leafy Greens; Zucchini noodles.


Sashimi grade tuna; Sashimi grade salmon; Sashimi grade kingfish; Firm tofu; Tinned tuna; Cooked prawns; Shredded chicken; Chickpeas; Tempeh; Crispy chicken.


Carrot and cucumber; Red or green onion; Shredded Chinese cabbage; Radish

Chilli; Beetroot; Pickled ginger; Kale and Spinach; Peas and Mung beans; Kimchi; Edamame beans; Snow peas; Avocado; Bean sprouts and Alfa alfa.


Fried shallots; Tamari almonds; Crushed nori sheets; Roasted peanuts; Toasted sesame seeds; Toasted coconut; Wasabi peas.


Sesame Ginger vinegarette: rice vinegar + tahini + soy sauce + sesame oil + grated ginger + garlic +brown sugar + EVOO

Matcha Dressing: Matcha + vegetable oil + brown rice vinegar + tamari + grated ginger

Soy dressing: Soy sauce + rice vinegar + sesame oil

Wasabi dressing: wasabi + soy sauce + lemon juice.


Choose fresh produce and ensure the rice is cold. Place the base in abowl, add your chosen protein, add as many vegetables as you feel like.Drizzle some dressing and top with a bit of crunch.

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