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1:1 coaching ... where the real magic happens

Stepping up onto the podium requires smart nutrition. Your body needs the right fuel to stay healthy during intense training, adapt and become stronger, and ultimately excel in your chosen sport.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a podium finisher, fuelling your body with intention and strategy is the key to maximising your training efforts. Proper nutrition helps in several important ways:

  • Maintain health

  • Avoid injury

  • Maximise performance gains from training

  • Support mental function

  • Perform consistently at your best

My VIP coaching program will step you through all you need to know and do to step up your performance. At the core is my exclusive 100% personalised, all done for you blueprint designed to suit you and your training and optimised from ongoing, real life testing results. 

You know your fuelling is letting you down if you are:

  • Consistently tired and fatigued

  • Are often injured or sick

  • Unable to perform all your scheduled training sessions

  • Struggle to focus during the day or in training

  • Not seeing the results you would expect from your training

  • Experience mood swings, depression or anxiety, low libido

After years of consulting with athletes at local, national and world championships level, I've gained valuable insights. I know that training schedules can be fluid and fuelling changes need to adapt. I know that 4-6 weeks between touch points is just too long. Based on what we've learned, I've crafted a personalised coaching program that prioritises achieving specific outcomes by providing step by step support and accountability.  


My one-on-one coaching is all about identifying the strategies that will help you reach your goals efficiently and in a way that truly matters to you. I am not here to waste your time, I want to get you results as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

 By working with me you will be able to:

Implement your personalised failproof performance blueprint

Make informed, evidence-based food choices that are in line with their goals

Have the know how and tools to support your training with the most appropriate nutrition strategies

Elevate your energy levels through adequate and strategically timed nutrition

Advance your performance gains through more effective training

Know how to cut through the nutrition misinformation to focus on effective strategies

Master your everyday, training and race day nutrition

What does 1:1 coaching involve? It means we take the time to work together on empowering you to make smart, strategic fuelling choices. It is not a content heavy, sit in front of countless webinars program and definitely not an off the shelf, one size fits all program.


It is a high contact, tailored coaching program that fits with you, your lifestyle and your goals.


This is for you if:

  • You are an endurance athlete

  • You train with a purpose (all levels welcome)

  • You are seeking an edge on the competition

  • You want to see improved results in competition

  • Are chasing that next PB 

  • Want to take your performance to the next level (Nationals, Worlds, Professional)

  • Want strategy and focus in your fuelling

Following my frameworks athletes have:

  • Improved their race times in triathlon, IM, trail running, cycling and mountain biking

  • Have been selected for Nationals and World Championships

  • Resolved gastrointestinal symptoms that were holding their training back and went from barely able to train to performing high intensity training with ease

  • Gone from struggling across the line to finishing strong

  • Reduced recovery times for more consistent and impactful training

  • Train their gut to tolerate fuelling whilst racing

  • Identified effective, easy to implement racing fuelling strategies tailored to them

Whether you are focusing on a single event or the whole season, I have the right coaching program for you. How do I know? I build each program specifically for each athlete so they get everything they need and nothing they don't.

Think this for you?  

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